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Christmas is the time of year for relaxation, for putting your feet up and recharging the batteries… unless you’re a commercial kitchen manager. As customers decide to throw caution to their waistlines and gorge themselves on the Christmas cuisine, you might find your kitchen under newfound strain. The last thing you need is an unexpected disaster putting a spanner in the works. But as more fuel is added to the kitchen inferno, problems can spring up in places you’d never even have thought of.

Have no fear, there are steps you can take to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Here’s a list for commercial kitchen professionals that will help you steady the ship over the demanding festive period.


Check your vents

When’s the last time you had your vents cleaned? Those big extraction hoods above your cooking equipment aren’t just there to look pretty. They’ve been hard at work all year to rid the air of the grease, carbon and steam your cooking equipment produces. And while they’ve been doing a stellar job, there comes a point when you have to pay them some attention. With more vigorous cooking, your vents can suffer deposit build ups, and these cause foul odours to strike – or worse – serious hazards. In fact, ventilation without regular maintenance is the number one cause of kitchen fires in the UK.

Having your ducting professionally cleaned is an unavoidable necessity. If it’s been a while since their last clean, contact an industry professional at CK Direct. Nobody wants a fire ruining Christmas.

Festive tip: Get your ducts cleared of deposits –  Santa will appreciate it! You think it’s easy squeezing down those vents?


See to your stainless steel

Everybody loves stainless steel. Your kitchen is no-doubt covered head to toe in it. Its non-corrosive and highly durable properties make it perfect for food preparation in the busiest of kitchens. But while it’s easy to maintain, don’t take your stainless steel worktops for granted, otherwise you could open your kitchen up to contamination. Here are some quick tips to keep your surfaces sparkling for many Christmases to come:

  • Rinse your surfaces after cleaning. Dirty water can leave a residue and can stain or damage your worktops
  • Wipe up spills with a towel before they have time to set. Dirt and grime can stick to surface if not dealt with
  • Avoid using cleaning solutions containing bleach, they can stain and damage stainless steel
  • Take care not to use steel wool or steel brushes on your surfaces. They’ll likely scratch them, making them more susceptible to rusts and stains
  • Scrub with the grain – Some stainless steels have a grain finish, and when cleaning be sure to scrub in the same direction as the grain. Otherwise the surface may be susceptible to streaks or stains

If you’re not using stainless steel in your kitchen, then you’re already risking a plethora of health hazards. Find a comprehensive range of stainless steel furnishings for your kitchen here.


Relieve odours and noise

Want to give your chefs an early Christmas present while making your kitchen more efficient? Why not do something about that awful smell that keeps rearing its head, or reduce the terrible racket of your extract hoods? There are plenty of options for odour and noise control, including the popular Ozocube. It’s a clever system that can be fitted retrospectively, delivering degreasing and odour control. Not only that, but the box reduces noise, provides energy savings and can even increase the life of your extraction system.

As mentioned, bad smells can be a prelude to a far worse predicament like a kitchen fire. Read more about alleviating odours in our blogpost: What’s That Smell? 5 Ways to Prevent Foul Odours in your Commercial Kitchen

Festive tip: It’s the time for giving, and the perfect excuse to say thank you to your chefs for their hard work. Ozocube creates a nicer kitchen atmosphere for everyone.


Find comfort and joy

Get a commercial kitchen expert on your side to take care of all the thinking. CK Direct will handle the delivery, the installation and the maintenance of your shiny ventilation and equipment. It goes without saying that the 3 hacks above are relevant all year round so why not give us a call on 01733 230378 to make your kitchen holiday-ready from the get go in 2018.