Under Health & Safety Regulations, kitchen managers are required to clean the extraction system on at least an annual basis by a certified duct cleaning operative. So NOW is probably the best time for a thorough check and – if needs be – clean.


Effective commercial kitchen ventilation design should be undertaken by a knowledgeable, professional organisation that understands the complexities and legalities of commercial kitchen ventilation. This is important not only to ensure a safe, efficient and economic kitchen layout and extract-flow pattern, but to make sure that the kitchen complies with all of the regulations.

• The prime design and function of the kitchen extraction & ventilation system is to protect the area surrounding the cooking process from fumes, odours and soiled matter and to make it a safe area for people to work in.

• The extraction air ducting must exhaust away from other buildings and comply with regulations concerning odour abatement.

• The design of the extraction hoods must reflect the type of cuisine and cooking appliances in use i.e. light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy-duty. If an establishment’s meal offering grows, varies or changes significantly, the vent system will need to be upgraded or improved to reflect this.

• Supply air is required to ensure complete and safe combustion of fuel and to provide safe operation of gas equipment, (BS 6173). Is your current system able to supply the correct quantity of air for the extraction volume of the hoods?

All of these points will need to be addressed and in most cases it is simpler and safer to employ a company such as CK Direct.