Did everything get checked and sorted?

As the covid restrictions ease more and more people will become more comfortable about going out. They will want to enjoy an evening with friends, having a drink and a meal.

What is more, because they have not been able to do this for so long, there is likely to be a surge, as people catch up with friends and relatives that they haven’t seen for so long.

So, here’s the question.

When you re-opened the kitchen did you get everything checked or because of a shortage of cash, did you only get the most urgent jobs done?

So here’s what to do now

  1. Make a list of the maintenance that needs to be done.
  2. Arrange the list into priorities.
  3. Plan when can you afford to have each job done.
  4. Ring CK Direct on 01733 230378 and arrange the schedule with them.

About CK Direct

Established in 2002, in Peterborough, they have a national coverage and are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen ventilation and extraction systems to the catering industry.

Their customers range from small hotels and independent restaurants through to public sector clients such as schools, colleges, and care homes, as well as major high street food chains.

Their range of services will satisfy the needs of any commercial kitchen. From extraction system installation to heat recovery to sanitisation and fabrication.

If you have any needs in your commercial kitchen the name to remember is CK Direct on 01733 230378.

They are proud of the fact that they deliver an efficient, timely, high quality, and bespoke service to every single client


If you want the period this autumn to Xmas to be problem free, ring CK Direct on 01733 230378 and organise that schedule of works.

After that, all you need do is what you do best, run a profitable business.

For a constructive conversation ring CK Direct on 01733 230378.