Well, here we are!

Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day are all over and here we are approaching Easter, it’s just under 3 weeks before people start taking the easter fortnight holidays.

As you know this will mean more business, so are you ready, is everything prepared?

Kitchen temperature

Now that the weather should be getting warmer have you checked that the kitchen temperature can be maintained at an acceptable level?

Extraction systems alone won’t reduce the temperature that much, but an Air Handling unit will.

As climate change really takes hold this is an area that you should look at to ensure that you can maintain a comfortable environment for your team and your customers.

Keeping the steam down

The pot washer is a source of heat and humidity and as the Spring turns into Summer it can result in uncomfortable working conditions.

By installing a condenser hood you can alleviate this and reduce the workload of the existing extraction systems.

Maintain an equable atmosphere outside the kitchen

When the temperatures start to rise so can tempers, so it might be a good idea to ensure that your odour control is working at peak efficiency. If it isn’t you might like to investigate the Airteck G64, a highly efficiency ozone generator unit, which eliminates smells by oxidising pathogens in the exhaust pipes. The unit is installed between the extraction point and the exhaust fan, external to the ductwork, making servicing and maintenance much easier.

Extraction system working properly?

When was the last time you checked the system?

After Christmas and New Year there may be a considerable build up of grease in the ducting so now might be the time to consider one of two options:

  1. Getting the system thoroughly cleaned
    To maintain maximum efficiency extraction systems should be maintained on a 6-monthly basis. This will achieve two things:
    a. Keeps your kitchen within legal limits
    b. Maintains the highest level of efficiency of the system
  2. Consider switching to a recirculating ductless system
    You will ensure you do not give any offence to your neighbours and maintain an odour free atmosphere.

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