Winter brings a question

We are in the dark and colder months of winter which coincide with one of the busiest periods of the catering year, Christmas and New Year.

Hopefully, you are going to be working flat-out, with solid bookings throughout this period, but with the doors and windows closed.

So, the question is, have you checked your air replacement system and is it working properly?

Why do you need an air-replacement system, anyway?

When air is extracted from a commercial kitchen, replacement air needs to be drawn into it from outside. If fresh air is not introduced into the kitchen a negative air pressure is created which will cause at least poor working conditions and inefficient extraction.

So that the kitchen ventilation system works correctly, both the extract and fresh air input flows must be considered and planned for via a dedicated ventilation system.

The recommendations for natural infiltration air are for 15 to 20% of the total air extracted. This will maintain a negative pressure in the kitchen and help to prevent odours escaping into adjacent areas, like your restaurant.

What is the best thing to do?

If you’re happy with the way your system is working now, do nothing.

If you’re unsure whether the air balance is right or you’re not happy with the air balance when you’re working flat out call 01733 230378 and talk to us at CK Direct so that we can give you our best advice.

Ventilation and Extraction Systems

CK Direct are a trusted industry supplier and have a complete range of units for extraction and input systems – CK Direct’ are also committed to developing eco-friendly products. There are these environmentally friendly systems for use in your establishment:

  • CK Direct Airteck reduces odour by oxidising pathogens in the exhaust pipes and also prevents the build-up of residue in the ductwork, preventing failures in fans and fire hazards. This highly efficiency ozone generator unit is installed between the extraction point and the exhaust fan, external to the ductwork, making servicing and maintenance much easier.
  • CK Direct Heat Recovery System provides hot water by utilizing waste heat from the cookline. This is all done without the need for cookline alterations, with no effect on the extraction system, meaning it can be quickly and easily retrofitted to any site, providing significant cost savings and a fantastic ROI.
  • Enozo to clean tables in the restaurant and work surfaces in the kitchen. This is 100% natural, and an all-purpose cleaning and sanitising solution that works only using ordinary tap water. One Enozo3 bottle produces the equivalent of 600 gallons of ready to use chemical sanitizer.

In Conclusion

If you need to call CK Direct about your air balancing system, why not ask about their environmentally friendly products at the same time.

Just call 01733 230378 and they will be happy to help.