It’ll soon be Bonfire Night… Which means that owners, managers and operators of commercial catering businesses have to be especially alert against fires. Whether it’s “just kids” chucking a banger through the letter box or a stray spark from a nearby bonfire, it’s up to us to guard against both accidental and deliberate fires in our restaurant premises.

Did you know, for example, that fires caused by dirty extract ducts cost the industry around £65million (figures from Association of British Insurers). Some insurance companies now refuse cover to restaurants and fast food outlets unless clients meet standard ductwork cleaning procedures on the grounds that the accumulated losses have become unsustainable.


Removing grease deposits from the inside of your kitchen extraction equipment is essential for:

• Reducing the risk of fire
• Legal compliance
• Reducing odours
• Extraction efficiency and energy reduction

Remember, the whole building and its occupants – diners and staff alike – and YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS are at risk should a fire break out due to an excessive build-up of grease deposits.

CK Direct are specialists in building, installing and maintaining commercial kitchen extraction systems.