We work around the UK to help catering businesses create the commercial kitchen of their dreams. When it came to Fed, we were faced with a completely different challenge spanning continents near and far.

This 13,000sq ft, two storey buffet restaurant opening in Cardiff was a great venture for us; having to create unique kitchen spaces to serve a variety of its ‘dining regions.’ With a top-floor mezzanine area that can be privately and corporately hired for up to 50 guests, they needed a commercial kitchen that could cater to their customer’s demanding needs.


This is where we stepped up to the challenge to create a commercial kitchen like no other. Using our 12 years of expertise and experience, we looked at Fed’s needs to offer a bespoke service that they would find most beneficial. When it comes to commercial kitchens, the client’s own needs come first.


Serving 300 customers at once and creating fresh dishes on the go is certainly an inspiring business project; one we’re proud to be a part of! Both ourselves and Fed are extremely happy with the finished result and we can’t wait to see how the business grows.

You too can have a professional, efficient and hygienic commercial kitchen just like Fed. Whether it’s extraction systems, bar systems or even just lighting, we’re here to ensure your kitchen is in full working order.