These deposits can build up quickly, reducing airflow, creating foul odours and creating a significant fire hazard if regular cleaning of the ventilation system is not carried out.

With this in mind, the Duct Supplies division of commercial kitchens specialist CK Direct has these top tips on how to monitor and maintain your kitchen’s most essential ingredient – the extraction system – to help you keep yourself, your kitchen staff and your customers safe and fume free:

  • How often should ducting be cleaned
  • When’s the best time to carry out cleaning
  • Make sure there’s sufficient “working room”
  • Why new equipment should be kept sealed
  • Why it’s important to clean new ducting BEFORE it’s installed
  • Circumstances in which you’d DEFINITELY want to provide cleaning or duct replacement
  • … and what, in future, you could do to avoid the need for duct systems replacement or cleaning.

For the full guide to keeping your kitchen ducting clean, go to OR request a free guide from OR CALL our ducting specialist, Mark George (01733 405192 Email for a chat and some friendly advice about what would work best for YOUR commercial kitchen.