The outbreak of the coronavirus has had a mass impact on individuals, businesses and entire industries across not only the country, but also the world. However, as the UK government prepare to move the country out of lockdown, we have been given dates that the general public can expect the hospitality and other sectors of the industry to begin opening again.

At the moment, the government has suggested that some restaurants will be able to reopen in July, following they stick to strict guidelines to ensure the safety of both customers and employees alike. As we prepare to enter into a “new normal”, here are three questions for restaurant owners to consider before they open their doors again.

  1. Do you need to change the way you operate?

The way your business used to work pre-coronavirus may no longer be viable following government guidelines such as social distancing. Takeaway outlets that have remained open over the last few months have been using “one in, one out” systems. Although this may be something you consider, it’s important to note that you also have a duty of care for your staff too, who are probably eager to get back to work.

It’s therefore imperative that you have effective controls in place in your kitchen too. Review how your space is used and potentially consider running reduced menus to allow for less staff in specific vicinities.

  1. How will you sanitise stations, tables and ensure cleanliness?

Due diligence of hygiene in commercial kitchens should remain at the forefront of your operations. You should also enhance your sanitisation around touch points, such as light switches and handles too and ensure your staff regularly wash their hands throughout the workday.

Ensuring that you stick to optimum hygiene levels is more than just wiping down surfaces and deep cleans should be more frequent and thorough than ever before.

  1. Do you have an effective extraction system in place?

The installation of a kitchen extraction unit will work to increase your overall hygiene levels in your commercial kitchen, whilst simultaneously protecting your kitchen equipment and safeguarding against fire hazards.

Without the proper installation of an effective extraction system, you run the risk of unseen pollutants interfering with the cleanliness of your commercial kitchen.

It’s important to remember, however, that filters on your extraction system cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt. Cleanliness must remain a priority and your extraction unit’s ducts need to be regularly maintained. It’s therefore imperative that you have the right cleanliness strategies in place.

How can CK Direct help?

Here at CK Direct, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe commercial kitchen.

Our kitchen extraction units have been designed to meet not just your requirements, but those set by The British Standard and The Health and Safety Executive. For example, our AirTeck Odour Control Units  have been specially designed to make maintenance more efficient, eliminating odours and preventing the build-up of residue.

As well as this, our AquaTeck Portable Fogging System is suitable for all types of environments and can clean a 100m3 area in just five minutes. Using only air and electrolysed water, you can rest assured knowing that your team, customers and visitors will remain safe.

As a leading industry supplier, we will offer you the support that you need to ensure high standards of cleanliness and preparation are met before the reopening of your restaurant. Our team of specialists offer a first-class cleaning and maintenance service and can provide you with top-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

If you would like to find out more, please call us on 01733 230378 or send us an email at for more information.