Following the Government’s recent announcement that lockdown restrictions on hospitality will be lifted at the earliest 12th April, now is the time for venues to start thinking about how they can provide their services to the general public safely.

Initially, pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers sat outdoors in groups of no more than 6 from any household, or a group of any size from a maximum of 2 households. Then, from 17th May, providing the Government is satisfied with the country’s standing with regards to Covid-19, venues will be allowed to open their doors so customers can sit inside.

With this in mind, it is important to consider your processes for when your venue can open its doors once more. Do you need to take more precautions this time round? Have you got adequate equipment to ensure the cleanliness of your tables, public areas and kitchens? If you feel that you haven’t, or even if you feel like you have, CK Direct have products that could enhance the sanitary standards of your venue; ultimately keeping your staff and customers safer.

EnozoPRO Spray Bottle

With our partners at GreenTeck Global, we are happy to bring you the EnozoPRO Spray Bottle, a handheld sanitising solution that is perfect for wiping down high-contamination spots such as work surfaces, push plates and seating areas. The device ensures that your staff and guests can be safe in the knowledge that they’re in a sterile and safe area. The bottle uses ozone technology to produce a natural cleaning and sanitising spray, using just water from the tap.

You can learn more about the product via YouTube by clicking here, or if you want to get your hands on one now, click here.

AquaTeck Fogging System

If you’re looking for an easier, faster and more cost-effective way to deep clean and sanitise a large space such as your beer garden, commercial kitchen or school canteen, then the AquaTeck Fogging System will help you do just that.

The system uses electrolysed water (similar to the EnozoPRO) that can be bought at just £2.49 per litre, and it will deep clean a 100m3 area in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is mount the tripod, attach the nozzle to it, turn on the machine, and leave the machine to do its thing. You can see it in action here.

AirTeck G64 System

Whilst not a sanitary product, the AirTeck G64 will play a crucial role in your kitchen. Ever noticed that your extraction systems aren’t pulling their weight in removing odour and grease from your kitchen? The chances are your extraction isn’t breaking down the grease well enough, creating a residue within your ductwork.

The AirTeck G64 sits between your extraction point and your exhaust fan, oxidising pathogens and breaking down residue so that odours and fire hazards are removed. See for yourself by watching our YouTube video!

Our Maintenance Services

With many venues remaining closed during this lockdown, it’s worth checking that your systems are firing on all cylinders for when you open your doors again on the 12th April.

At CK Direct, we offer a first-class cleaning and maintenance service that will ensure that your extraction and ventilation systems are ready to go straight away.

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