12 Kitchen & Cooking Secrets to make your Life Simpler

Your kitchen is where you really come to life. This is the room where you can channel all your creativity into something sublime and tasty. You are often seen with a knife in one hand, some cheese in the other and some extra ingredients boilng away, but sometimes disasters happen. Luckily no one saw this time, but simplifying life in the kitchen is something we could all benefit from.

So here are our top 12 kitchen secrets & hacks that may just blow your mind!

Keep Pots from Boiling Over

To prevent overboiling, place a wooden spoon across an open pot. As wood is not a good material for conducting heat, the hot water will not stray or spit near the handle.

Keep Birthday Cake Fresh For Days

That birthday cake was delicious, you’ve had the biggest slice you can handle, but you don’t want to throw your cakey masterpiece away. If you want to keep your cake in peak consumption condition, all you need to do is stick pieces of bread to the exposed/open cake with toothpicks – The bread may get hard, but the cake will remain soft and scrummy.

Poke your Lemons

A drizzle of lemon is a great finishing touch and provides a burst of flavour to most meals. However, do you find yourself discarding an entire lemon, after just one slight squeeze? Well from now on, why not try piercing your lemon with a toothpick and gently squeeze as needed. Once you’re done, cover the hole with a small piece of tape and store in the fridge for later.

Store Apples & Potatoes together

This may sound strange, but bear with us. Do you hate it when your lovely potatoes begin to sprout? Well the Ethylene gas given off by apples can actually prevent potatoes from sprouting. So if space is available, try storing your apples and potatoes together.

Wrap Banana Tops in Plastic Wrap

Banana’s are notorious for their short shelf life. One day they are fine, and the next you have six to eat in two days. Well that is now a problem we can leave behind. If you wrap the banana crowns in plastic wrap, they will remain fresh for an extra 3-5 days.

Add Warm Milk to the remains of a Nutella Jar & Shake

Everyone loves hot chocolate! And quite a lot of people love Nutella. So how cool would it be to combine them together to make something delicious. If you’ve reached the bottom of your Nutella jar and there’s only the side dregs left, add some warm milk, fasten the lid and shake – Tada, you’ve just made instant hot chocolate! Try adding gooey marshmallows for the full affect.

Stop Onions from Making you Cry

Don’t you just hate it when you’re chopping onions and you start blubbering uncontrollably! Well this little secret could stop that forever. If you know you’re having onions as part of your meal that night, freeze the onion before chopping it. Or a slightly quirkier way to go is to hold a slice of bread in your mouth, which absorbs the irritant gas before reaching your eyes.

Keep Recipes Clean

As more & more cook books and tablets are making their ways into the kitchen, it has become really important to keep them clean. You could display a recipe book from your kitchen cabinets with a pants hanger or place a cookbook on a laptop stand, to keep it well out of harm and splatter way.

Oil up your Eggs

This is a nice simple one. Rub all the eggs in a fresh carton with vegetable oil, before placing in the fridge. The oil will keep the eggs fresh for an extra four weeks.

Add Coffee to Potted Plants

Recycling coffee grounds is something we can all do more of. One easy way to do this and help your plants flourish as well, is to add spent coffee grounds into potted plants. The coffee grounds contain key nutrients needed by plants like roses, hydrangeas, strawberries and tomatoes.

Soften Butter Quickly

We all know how much of a pain it is, waiting for butter to soften. Well this little hack will change your thoughts on butter entirely. To speed up the process grate the butter with a cheese grater or flatten it with a rolling pin. Or alternatively you could cut a stick of butter into eight pieces, causing it to soften quicker.

Store Ice Cream in a Zipper Bag to Keep it Soft

You’ve been looking forward to a big bowl of ice cream all day. You’ve got a brand new box of chocolate ice cream waiting in the freezer. But disaster strikes, you stick your spoon in and it doesn’t budge! If only you had placed your tub of ice cream in a zipper or freezer bag. This handy little trick, will let you dive straight in, without any spoon-bending antics next time.

So whether you work in a busy
commercial kitchen or you just enjoy spending time in your kitchen at home. Make your life simpler, by incorporating these ingenious kitchen hacks and secrets into your life and you’ll be amazed by the money, time and food you save.